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Community Based Rehabilitation in Timor-Leste: Creating Opportunities for People with Disability


Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) is an approach that enables people with a disability to participate in, and be supported by, their local communities. CBR focuses on all areas of a person’s life including health, education, livelihood, social life and empowerment. In 2014, people with disability and their families and support had access to an opportunity that had never existed before in Timor-Leste: they could learn about Community Based Rehabilitation.


Identifying the Need for CBR Training in Timor-Leste

Asosiasaun Defisiensia Timor-Leste (ADTL) is the umbrella organisation for disability organisations in Timor-Leste, with its role focusing on supporting member organisations, leadership and advocacy.

Working with its member organisations, ADTL identified that there was a need to develop a formal opportunity to learn about CBR because there were many p eople practicing CBR who did not have the theoretical knowledge that could assist people with disability themselves and those who provided support. ADTL also wanted to create a ‘stepping stone’ for people with a disability to access higher education.

Creating Learning Opportunities through CBR

With these needs in mind, ADTL worked with the University of Timor Lorosa’e to develop a Diploma 1 in CBR that would be delivered by the University of Timor Lorosa’e. In 2014, the CBR Diploma ran as a pilot project. In its first year, seventeen people graduated from the course and most of the participants are now CBR Fieldworkers with local disability organisations. This inaugural group comprised five women and twelve men, eight of whom were people with disability.

In 2015, twenty-three people are undertaking the Diploma. These students come from a wide variety of backgrounds: people with a disability, current CBR workers and people with an interest in working with people with disability.

To date, the course has been a catalyst for the development of stronger relationships between a non-government organisation (ADTL and its partners) and a university (UNTL) as well as raising awareness of disability amongst staff members at UNTL and CBR students.

The Future of CBR in Timor-Leste

This is the first course of its kind in Timor-Leste and is a step towards creating nationally-recognised educational opportunities that are in line with the principles of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Given this, ADTL hopes to strengthen its partnership with the University of Timor Lorosa’e to enable the university to continue providing this course. Over time, ADTL would like to see the course upgraded to a Diploma 3 and integrated into broader community development-based curriculum. In addition to broadening the Diploma, ADTL would also like to capture the history and practice of CBR in Timor-Leste.

More information

For more information, please contact:

Education and Capacity Building, ADTL:

Celso da Fonseca
Email: cbrdiplomacoordinator@gmail.com
Tlp: +670 7795 1876




Rehabilitasaun Baze Komunitária iha Timor-Leste: Kria Biban ba Ema ho Defisiénsia


Rehabilitasaun Baze Komunitária iha Timor-Leste: Kria Biban ba Ema ho Defisiénsia

Reabilitasaun Baze Komunitária (RBK) nu’udar aproximasaun ne’ebé fó kbiit ema ho defisiénsia atu hola parte iha komunidade, no sente hakbiit husi sira-nia komunidade lokál sira. RBK konsentra ba área hothotu kona-ba ema nian moris inklui saúde, edukasaun, meiu subsistence sira, vida sosiál no empoderamentu. Iha 2014, ema ho defisiensia no sira nia familia hetan suporta asesu ona ba oportunidade hirak ne’ebe uluk nunka existe iha Timor-Leste; sira bele aprende kona-ba Reabilitasaun Baze Komunitária

Identifika nesesidade ba formasaun RBK iha Timor-Leste.                                                                 

Asosiasaun Defisiénsia Timor-Leste (ADTL) hanesan organizasaun sumbriña ba organizasaun sira defisiénsia nian iha Timor-Leste, ho ninia papel foka ba apoiu membru organizasaun, lideransa no advokasia. Halo kna’ar hamutuk ho ninia membru organizasaun sira, ADTL identifika ona katak iha nesesidade atu dezenvolve oportunidade formál hodi aprende kona-ba RBK, tanba iha ema barak maka pratika RBK la iha koñesimentu teorítiku ne’ebé bele tulun ema ho defisiénsia rasik no sira-ne’ebé fornese apoiu. ADTL mós hakarak atu kria maneira ida hodi kanaliza ema ho defisiénsia atu hetan asesu ba edukasaun ne’ebé a’as liu.

Kria oportunidade ba aprendizajen liuhosi RBK

Ho nesesidade sira-ne’e, ADTL servisu hamutuk ho Universidade Nasionál Timor Lorosa’e hodi dezenvolve programa Diploma I iha RBK ne’ebé sei halao husi Universidade Nasionál Timor Lorosa’e. Iha tinan 2014, Diploma RBK hala’o hanesan projeitu pilotu ida. Iha tinan dahuluk nian, ema nain-17 mak graduadu husi kursu no partisipante barak mak agora halo kna’ar RBK iha tereinu hamutuk ho organizasaun lokál sira ba defisiénsia nian.

Iha tinan 2015, ema nain-23 mak empreende diploma. Estudante sira-ne’e mai hosi antesedéntes oioin: ema ho defisiénsia, traballadór RBK atuál no ema ho interese atu serbisu ho ema ho defisiénsia.

To’o agora, kursu ne’e sai ona katalista ba dezenvolvimentu ne’ebe haforsa liu tan relasaun entre organizasaun naun-governmentál (ADTL no ninia parseiru sira) no universidade (UNTL) nune’e mos atu hasa’e konxiénsia kona-ba defisiénsia ba membru funsionáriu sira iha UNTL no estudante sira RBK nian.

Futuru RBK iha Timor-Leste

Kursu hanesan ne’e foin mak halo iha Timor-Leste no lao ba oin hodi kria rekoñesimentu nasionál ba oportunidade edukasional ne’ebé relevante ho prinsipiu sira iha Konvensaun ba Direitu Ema ho Defisiénsia nian. Halo ida-ne’e, ADTL espera atu haforsa ninia parseria ho Universidade Nasionál Timor Lorosa’e hodi habele universidade atu kontinua fornese kursu ne’e. Ba tempu naruk, ADTL hakarak haree atu muda ba diploma III no integradu iha komunidade ninia kurríkulu baze ba dezenvolvimentu.

Atu hatene liu tan kona-ba programa CBR Diploma I, bele kontaku kordenador programa Education and Capacity Building, ADTL: Celso da Fonseca

Email: cbrdiplomacoordinator@gmail.com
Tlp: +670 7795 1876

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